Logan Tyler

AKA - Crushimus Maximus, Man Child, No Longer Homeless, Dirty Face Factory, Kickin' Names and Takin' Ass

Why'd the chicken cross the road? Cuz' Tim smells”

— Logan Tyler

Logan Tyler started playing drums in early 2008 at the tender age of 17, playing along to Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, and The Meters albums.  Early on in his drumming he developed a knack for heavy, funkified grooves. With the help of his first drum teachers, Carl Stearns & Zach Olsen, Logan quickly gained the musical chops necessary to jam with other musicians. Then, in November 2008 after a trip to Amsterdam, Logan returned and was hired by Santa Cruz Hydroponics, where he met his first musical colleagues, Joey Garcia, Brett Thomas & Justin Burk. The raw, funky quartet, who's first practices were held in Logan's small bedroom at his mothers apartment in Santa Cruz, became known as The Beneficials. They would get stoned, drink beers and jam while Logan's little brother Aaron played Xbox in the other room, often yelling at the band to "shut the fuck up". In 2010 he then moved in with best friend, co-worker and keyboard wizard Josh Melo, and began experimenting with psychedelics and music. Josh and Logan would jam in the living room for hours, exploring other worldly realms of musical expression, sometime's accompanied by great friends and spiritual gurus, Vando Bertaccini & Shed. All these experiences are the roots of Logan's style. Chillin' out, smokin' herb, partyin' with the boys and just jammin'. The Beneficials formative years came practicing at the shop where Logan, Joey, Josh, Justin, Vando, Shed and Brett worked. They would close up shop and jam till late night every Wednesday.  After a few years of raging epic house parties and dive bars, The Beneficials then evolved into The Magic Hats, with Joey Garcia taking the creative reins.  They were first joined by Austin Smith on bass, but he was soon replaced with Michael Cloonan.  The Magic Hats disbanded shortly after....

Then in 2013 Logan created White Chocolate Funk with master musicians Jason Sherman, Mike "Corn" Myers, and Greg Brown.  WCF was a psychedelic, out of this world, dance party funk band that quickly became a part of the emerging Santa Cruz funk scene.  Then in 2014, Logan joined the legendary Santa Cruz funk band 7 Come 11, led by Hammond Organ master Gianni Staiano.  Within months the trio, who still plays every week at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, became the most powerful band SC had ever seen.  Blistering solos and raging grooves. All night dance parties.  Light the Band guitarist Dan Guzman joined 7C11 later in 2014 and the band took off.  Due to personal and creative issues, Logan decided to part ways with 7 Come 11, looking to focus on his original music.  Dan Guzman joined shortly after. Since summer of 2015, Light the Band has been playing every Wednesday at Bocci's Cellar in Santa Cruz, as well as many other gigs around the bay area.  Logan says about the band,  "Light is here to stay....."

Logan has also taken drum lessons with many well renowned, professional and legendary drum teachers and performers such as
  • Mike Johnston (Famous Drum Educator @ Mikes Lessons.Com)
  • Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Berklee School of Music, Christian Scott)
  • Alan Evans (Soulive)
  • Stanton Moore(Galactic, Famous Educator)
  • Bernard Purdie(Most Recorded Drummer Ever)
  • Nikki Glaspie(Beyonce, DumpstaPhunk, The Nth Power)
  • Ulysses Owens(Christin McBride)
  • Greg Hutchinson(Joshua Redman)
  • Rick Latham(Recording and Education Legend)
  • Scott Amendola(Charlie Hunter)
  • Jim Reilly(Rascal Flatts)
  • Aaron Comess(Spin Doctors)
  • John Staten(KDTU, Pimps of Joytime)